August 7, 2017

Emerson Global Users Exchange 2017

By Lydia Miller, Rosemount Level Senior Marketing Engineer, Emerson Automation Solutions

Hi! I’m Lydia Miller with Emerson Automation Solutions, and I’d like to share a few reasons for you to attend this year’s Emerson Exchange in October. This year the Emerson Global Users Exchange will be in Minneapolis, MN, from October 2nd through the 6th. There are usually around 3000 reasons to go (that is the approximate number of attendees, and each one has something great to share). Since it is in my backyard, I would love for everyone to come to my house for a picnic – but since I can’t manage the numbers, here are some of my favorite reasons for you to attend this amazing event.

#1 The Technology Exhibit!! This is a wonderful opportunity to see products you may be specifying, ask experts detailed questions about products and applications, see what is new and learn about everything that Emerson can offer you for process automation.

#2 The Music Jam. Okay, this one is all fun and no products, unless Emerson sells guitars, ukuleles and tambourines (they don’t). But it is great to see people come together with minimal practice time as a group and have so much fun and actually sound pretty darn good. My tambourine skills aside, everyone is pretty impressive. If you have any music background, be sure to sign up and participate. Or just show up and experience the collaboration.

#3 The workshops and short courses. Although this is third on the list, it is not third in my heart (I can’t give them all #1 status). There are over 300 different courses. These are presented by end users and industry experts willing to share their stories about solving the most challenging process controls problems, following best practices for plant performance optimization, or increasing the safety and reliability of operations (just to name a few topics).

#4 Tour of the Rosemount Global Headquarters. When else can you get a sneak peek at everything that goes into making Rosemount products reliable? It will be worth the stay until Friday.

#5 Meet the Experts. You can meet with a panel of experts and ask them about all of your most pressing overfill protection issues. Or other topics such as alarm management, controls upgrades, and process control optimization – oh, my!

This year, the theme is Powering Collaboration. Registration is now open with an extended early bird pricing until August 31st (previously August 15th). Just register and collaborate with the best that process automation has to offer.

Why attend? You can check out the link to get more info on why to attend, if my list of favorites leaves you wanting more. Hope to see you there!

March 6, 2014

Rosemount Analytical Presentations at Emerson Exchange Stuttgart Highlight Advances for Users in Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, and Alternative Fuels

We’d like to tempt you with a trip to Stuttgart! You’re aware of the dynamic interaction of Emerson Exchange, and that this 2014 event for Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be held April 1-3, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany, right? were you aware that the event features more than 130 presentations, mostly from users, on real life case histories from 25 countries and a wide range of industries. You’ll find many things of significance to you at Emerson Exchange, and if you register before March 7th, you save up to 200 Euro off the fee. (Of course, if you’re not lucky enough to go to this event, you can share in many of the findings through Emerson Exchange 365).

The 2014 Conference Presentation Tracks include: Operate Safely & Legally, Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation, Energy Management, Process Optimisation, Business Management & Information Security, Instrumentation Applications, Valve Applications, Wireless Applications, Project Excellence and Control System Applications & Migrations. The in-depth Industry Forums cover Chemical, Engineering, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Power, Refining and Petrochemical, while the “Meet the Experts” sessions give you the chance to ask questions specific to your operations and challenges. There’s even a networking event at the Porsche Museum.

When you attend, watch for these exciting sessions from Rosemount Analytical –

  • In-Line Analysis of LNG Improves Quality & Throughput
    By replacing lab measurements with in-line Gas Chromatographs, Lukoil has been able to improve process optimization. This, in turn, led to higher output and conformance with product quality requirements.
  • Instrumentation for Enhanced Fuel Flexibility of a 400 MW Natural Gas Fired Turbine with Ultra Low NOx Emissions
    ALSTOM is a provider of turn-key power generation solutions. The compact GT24 and GT26 sequential combustion gas turbines are developed to face current challenges in the power industry: shifting consumption trends, more stringent emission legislation and flexibility in fuel gas composition. In combined-cycle applications, the GT24/GT26 is capable of net plant efficiencies close to 60% with low NOx emissions across a wide load range. ALSTOM gas turbines are proven to operate reliably at high and rapidly changing C2+ concentrations. A key success factor is the validation and integration of a continuous, fast and accurate C2+ concentration measurement system into the engine protection and control concept.
  • Gas Chromatography Advantage in Cool Down & Gassing Up Operations for LNG Import/Export Terminals
    Reganosa LNG terminal is the leading terminal in Spain in gassing up and cooling down operations for LNG tankers since 2010 when this type of Services started to be systematically requested in the Spanish Gas System.The point of the operations remains in controlling the precise time the vessel is ready to advance in the operation phase from gassing up to cooling down and here a flexible Chromatography system is needed as BOG (Boil Off Gas) as LNG phases have to be surveyed continuously.

    Reganosa has used the available equipment for a standard LNG import terminal and with the support of Emerson adapted it for export activity, turning it into a unique tool to achieve our clients’ satisfaction.

We look forward to seeing you at Emerson Exchange and Emerson Exchange 365!

September 10, 2013

At Emerson, “Exchange” is a Year-Round, Worldwide Engagement

Saving money, enhancing efficiency, finding real-world solutions to industrial problems, sharing ideas, stimulating new projects, meeting friends, and having fun – these are just some of the benefits people discover at Emerson Exchange. The Emerson Global User’s Exchange, September 30 – October 4, at the Gaylord Texan Hotel and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, offers participants an impressive array of workshops, courses, industry forums, technology exhibits, and the chance to network and share ideas. It’s coming right up and we hope you already have your reservations!

But stimulating interaction among Emerson users and staff isn’t limited to the annual meetings each year. Engagement with peers and problem solving goes on at Emerson Exchange 365, the peer-to-peer online user’s community. All you have to do is click to enter important worldwide discussions and problem-solving forums. Engagement also continues right here on the Analytic Expert Blog, and on the Rosemount Analytical Facebook Page and Twitter sites where users ask questions and solve problems.

EEvideoHere is a video that shares some of the actual experience of Emerson Global User’s Exchange. We hope this tempts you to make it to Texas on September 30! But even more, we think you’ll get a sense of the interaction and engagement that is possible with other Emerson users and staff every day of the year by joining one or more social media sites.

And here is a list of the presentations being done by our Rosemount Analytical experts:

  • “Instrumentation for Direct Turbine Control of a 400 MW Natural Gas Fired Turbine with Ultra Low NOx Emissions” by Michael Kamphus
  • “Calibration Best Practices for Electrochemical Analyzers” by Jim Gray
  • “Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Installation Best Practices” by Geoff Wilson
  • “Single Digit NOx – Using Active Flue Gas Recirculation in Conjunction with Low NOx Burners” by Doug Simmers

Are you joining us in Texas? Advanced Registration – which saves you $200 – ends soon! Register now and join us!

September 20, 2010

Emerson Exchange Highlights Unique Solutions for Life Sciences

This year’s Emerson Exchange will feature some interesting, cost-saving solutions for life sciences applications. Look for them:

Life Science Industry Solutions:

Faced with the aging population, healthcare reforms and the move to generics and disposables along with the global economic downturn, the Life Sciences industry today must meet huge challenges. Emerson Life Science Industry specialists understand these challenges and drive innovative global solutions that help position our customers for growth far into the future. At Emerson Exchange, customers can see:

  • Process Industry Technology (PAT) demonstrations show how problems of science can be addressed with automation. The PAT booth provides a quick view of how an integrated Syncade software modules system can help bridge the science/automation gap. This demo will be lead by Ali Afnan, formerly a Senior Fellow in the FDA CDER Office of Pharmaceutical Science (OPS).
  • At the Life Sciences Engineering Center, Emerson engineers will show technologies that have solved customer problems in areas such as API, Cell Culture, Fill finish, Packaging, and Oral Solid Dose.
  • The use of Emerson solutions for skid-based applications has increased due to the flexible architectures and licensing structure of Emerson technologies. Skid-based solutions allow a consistent automated strategy to be used throughout the plant, and provide leveraging of intelligent field devices and predictive intelligence. Wireless technologies permit additional skids to be added anywhere in the plant – even hazardous and remote areas – quickly and easily. Emerson provides a variety of cross-industry skid-based solutions and has in-house and OEM partner capability for design, construction, installation, commissioning and lifecycle support.

With so much at stake, it is critical to utilize equipment that has been specifically designed to withstand the challenges inherent in pharmaceutical and biotechnological processing to maximize instrument life, and minimize maintenance while providing accurate and reliable process control.

On-line electrochemical measurements, such as pH, dissolved oxygen and conductivity, provide substantial improvements in the level of process control, quality, efficiency and profitability that can be achieved in biopharmaceutical processing. 

As you can see, Emerson Exchange is expanding to meet the needs of all our customers. Be sure to check out the new application areas. We look forward to seeing you there September 27 – October 1, 2010 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas. For more information:

September 9, 2010

Don’t Miss Emerson Global Users Exchange 2010 – Sept. 27-Oct. 1 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas

Learn about ways to reduce costs, meet regulatory requirements and improve measurement accuracy and as well as experience new technologies at this year’s Emerson Global Users Exchange! It’s always a great time to see so many of our customers at once, to talk about their challenges and successes and keep our ears tuned to what our customers want and need. It’ll be a week full of workshops, short courses, management sessions, technology exhibits and industry forums. For Rosemount Analytical, this year’s conference (Sept. 27-Oct.1 in San Antonio, TX) will focus on ways you can reduce installation and maintenance costs, maximize up-time and improve process quality. Here’s a quick run-down of what you can expect from this year’s conference from Rosemount Analytical.

Sneak Peak at our Papers:

Wireless Monitoring of pH to Meet EPA-Regulated Effluent Requirements at Plant Perimeter……………………………………………………………………………………………………… Presented by Pete Anson, Rosemount Analytical ………………………………………………………………….  Weyerhaeuser, one of the largest pulp and paper companies in the world, needed to meet EPA compliance regulations for the pH of effluent water exiting one of their plants. Rosemount Analytical defined and cost-qualified several hard-wired reporting solutions including 4000-foot point to point runs of twisted pair wire to the distributed control system and 1000-foot runs of existing wire rerouted via their OPC server to the host. Of all the options, the wireless solution proved to be most cost-effective, reliable and easiest to implement.

Simplified Gas Chromatographs Installations & Operations with FOUNDATION fieldbus ……Presented by Michael Gaura, Rosemount Analytical ……………………………………………………………… With the new Rosemount Analytical 700XA and 1500XA gas chromatographs, Emerson simplifies the complicated and time-consuming engineering requirements of traditional gas chromatographs. Using a FOUNDATION fieldbus interface, the 700XA and 1500XA gas chromatographs automate point mapping during setup and enable integration with AMS Device Manager. The 700XA and 1500XA are the only gas chromatographs in the world to offer a certified FOUNDATION fieldbus interface.

Discrete Control Solutions using Multi-Parameter Analyzers ………………………………Presented by Dave Anderson and Jim Gray, Rosemount Analytical …………………………………………… This presentation addresses the use of discrete functionality in multi-parameter analyzers to do chemical concentration control and time based or event based dosing. It discusses interface with the control system and Asset Management (AMS) using wireless communications in these applications, which include plant utilities and skids.

Reducing Bias and Uncertainty in Process Gas Quality Measurements ……………………Presented by Paul Holland, Effectech Ltd …………………………………………………………………………Ensuring robust measurements of natural gas quality is a combination of good sampling, a properly validated gas chromatograph and a traceable calibration gas. Omitting any of these key elements will result in biased measurements of composition and hence the calculated physical properties of heating value, density and Wobbe Index. This paper addresses how even small errors over time will result in large financial discrepancies, particularly at fiscal metering points with a large throughput.

Emerson Global Users Exchange 2010 will be held Sept. 27- Oct. 1 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas and you can register at Hope to see you there!