Gas Chromatograph Webinar Series: How to Calibrate a GC Correctly

by Khadra Helminski, Global Integrated Marketing Manager, Rosemount Gas Analysis, Emerson Automation Solutions

All chromatograph systems provide a comparative measurement where the analysis is a comparison to a known “standard” and the “standard” is the calibration gas. The calibration gas system is critical to the accuracy of the analysis as the gas chromatograph is only as accurate as the calibration gas.

We’d like to invite you to the second webinar in our Gas Chromatograph Webinar Series – “Calibration Gases and How to Calibrate a Gas Chromatograph Correctly.”

This webinar will review how to select a calibration gas, the important features of the calibration certificate, and how to calibrate a gas chromatograph using the calibration gas.


WEBINAR #2: Calibration Gases and How to Calibrate a Gas Chromatograph Correctly
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
10 AM – 11 AM CDT (Houston)


Emerson’s GC expert Bonnie Crossland will lead this webinar. Sign up now and get insights on how to maximize your GC’s performance.

And if you missed Webinar #1 in this series: “GC’s Response Factors and Why They are Important,” you can still watch the recording on-demand HERE.

About the Gas Chromatograph Webinar Series:

Gas chromatographs perform critical measurements in a wide range of process and natural gas industries. In many applications, these measurements translate directly into profitability, process efficiency, and regulatory and contract compliance. That’s why optimizing the performance of your GC can have a big impact on your bottom line. To help users get the most from their GC over the course of its lifecycle, Emerson is offering this free webinar series, bringing together our GC experts to offer trusted insights and best practices, and providing answers to the most frequently asked questions and solutions to challenges operators may be facing in the field.

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