Take the Risk Out of Complex Analytical Systems Integration Projects


By Nouman Raja, director of Rosemount Analytical Solutions, North America, Emerson Automation Solutions

Integrated analytical measurement systems are often complex, costly, and have multiple stakeholders involved throughout all phases of the system’s integration project – from conception to commissioning. With so many factors to consider, including stringent specifications, thorough documentation, and tight deadlines to meet, any minor delay can cause a major setback and place your bottom line at risk.

Most industrial companies aren’t equipped to go into the systems integration business in order to meet their analytical systems’ needs. Emerson is! With a unique combination of analytical expertise, process knowledge, and global resources, Emerson is a single-source provider of complete analytical solutions for liquid and process gas applications including integration of third party analyzers. From sample handling systems and standalone instrumentation panels and cabinets, to three-sided shelters and environmentally controlled walk-in enclosures, Emerson offers wide flexibility in system packaging to meet project and application requirements.

Far from just nuts and bolts hardware, Emerson manages systems projects through the Project Management Office (PMO) where highly trained systems engineers take care of everything from Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and consulting services to manufacturing, integration and testing, to commissioning and on-going lifecycle support.

A new guide available HERE shows you how to stay on time and on budget, ensure project certainty and reduce risks. The guide outlines ways to –

  • ­Simplify the complexities of your project scope. Your designated project manager engages early to understand project requirements and align with your team to manage and control scope.
  • Avert risks and stay on schedule. The PMO collaborates with your team to identify opportunities for efficiency and risks, and implement mitigation plans to prevent possible schedule pitfalls. ­
  • Stay on task and on budget. It is the PMO’s responsibility to manage the budget and update you throughout the project, accounting for possible risks, changes in scope, and other possible situations which may impact the budget.

Download a copy of the guide HERE and get a better idea of how to take the risk and worry out of executing complex analytical systems projects. We also invite you to learn more about the Emerson advantage in systems integration by visiting Emerson.com/RosemountAnalyticalSystems.

And come join the Emerson Exchange 365 Community to get real solutions to real-world problems and maximize performance, productivity, and profitability: www.emersonexchange365.com.

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