Solve Ammonia Slip with DeNOx Optimization Solution

by Amanda Gogates, Cascade Global Product Manager, Emerson

Nitrogen oxides are powerful pollutants that can cause smog and acid rain and contribute to the development of tropospheric ozone. It’s critical to control nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions to protect the environment and meet environmental regulatory requirements. NOx occurs as a result of combustion occurring in the presence of nitrogen and results from combustion processes in turbines, crackers, combustion engines, boilers, and other locations within a plant.

Ammonia can be used to react with NOx at high temperatures in order to turn it into molecular nitrogen and water vapor. Both selective catalytic and selective non-catalytic reduction (SCR and SNCR) are techniques used worldwide to remove NOx in DeNOx reactors.

However, this process can result in a byproduct of unreacted ammonia, or ammonia slip. Operators must use the precise amount of ammonia since either too much or too little can be problematic. Not enough ammonia will result in emissions, while too much ammonia can lead to waste.

As a result, continuous measurement and monitoring of ammonia slip is needed. However, such measurement can be challenging, especially in high-dust, high-temperature environments.

The video describes the Emerson DeNOx Optimization Solution, a unique system using the Quantum Cascade Laser. I think you’ll find this solution interesting and maybe a bit surprising.

For questions on how this system can both optimize DeNOx and maintain precise measurement of ammonia slip, please contact me at Or get more information on the Quantum Cascade Laser analyzer technology here.



    Excelent presentation, precise and easy to understand

  2. Michael Stanzeski says:

    I am the plant engineer at the NRG WA Parish Power generating Station over the SCR equipment

    I would like to have Emerson make a presentation for the DeNOx optimization system and how it can benefit us. Presentation can be either at our site (preferably) or webex. Looking to have it sometime during April 2017 if possible

    Please contact me so can make arrangements

    Michael Stanzeski
    Plant Engineer
    NRG – WA Parish
    2500 YU Jones RD
    Thompsons, TX 77481
    (281) 726-4276

  3. Rosemount says:

    Hi Michael,
    Thank you so much for your inquiry. We’ve passed your note along to the most appropriate folks at Emerson and someone should be in touch with you shortly to discuss the possibility of a presentation.

    If you do not hear anything, please do let us know.

    Thanks again.
    The Analytic Expert Team

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