June 23, 2015

Cut Expensive Calibration Gas by MORE than Half

by: Bonnie Crossland, Product Marketing Manager – Gas Chromatographs, Rosemount Analytical

Welcome to Analytic Expert – I’m Bonnie Crossland. As you know, gas chromatography has become the absolute standard of quality and excellence in natural gas measurement. As the leader in this technology, Emerson is constantly working to make the measurement faster, more accurate, and lower cost. Today, I’d like to share one of those unique cost reduction features. The Rosemount Analytical 370XA Gas Chromatograph (GC) is equipped with a Cal-Gas Saver that cuts the amount of expensive calibration gas used by the instrument by MORE than half as compared to other GCs.  It turns out that this feature doesn’t only save money in the cost of Cal-Gas, but it can also significantly reduce installation costs and the actual footprint of your installation – a big advantage in space constrained applications. These two benefits in turn reduce the rising cost of natural gas measurement. To understand how this feature works and is able to reduce size as well as cost, check out the below video.



I hope that was useful information. If you have any questions on the use of gas chromatography in C6 measurement, just post a comment below, or contact me at bonnie.crossland@emerson.com.

And to learn about another cost saving feature, you might like to view THIS VIDEO on the Auto-Valve Timing.