March 25, 2014

Better Flue Gas Analysis Helps A South Korean Power Company Maximize Efficiency and Diagnose Furnace Problems

By BonYook Koo, Sales Manager, Power and Steel & Iron

1newToday, I’d like to tell you how a South Korean power company has been able to maximize the efficiency of its furnaces and reduce furnace problems through the use of flue gas analysis. A South Korean power company has 8 boiler units, with #7 and #8 being 550MW units which employ tangential corner firing. See Fig. 1 and 2.  In their units, the company has experienced heavy slag build-up in areas of the furnace where sufficient O2 was not provided to the flue gases, while in other areas where excess O2 values were experienced, damage from overheating often occurred.

2newThis South Korean power company looked to Emerson for a Rosemount Analytical flue gas analysis solution. Combustion flue gas analysis has been used by process heater operators for decades as a method of optimizing fuel/air ratio. By measuring the amount of excess oxygen and/or CO in the flue gases resulting from combustion, furnace operators can operate at optimum efficiency and lowest NOx, and also generate the least amount of greenhouse gas. Today’s flue gas analyzers make this optimization process far easier and more precise due to different analyzer technologies and probe insertion lengths which allow different insertion configurations and approaches.

3newFor the South Korean power company, 6 oxymitter O2 probes were installed on each unit at the economizer outlet in 2006, with an additional 6 probes per unit installed in 2010. See Figure 3.

The readings from all 12 of these probes are averaged inside the customer’s Distributed Control System (DCS), and the primary air is controlled dynamically to a setpoint previously determined to be the optimum. The DCS bar graph readings from these units are shown in Fig 4. The plant engineers are not provided readings from each individual sensor since the variation in O2 can be misleading, however, the engineers have come to trust the probe readings. They understand 4newthat significant stratification in flue gases occurs as the gases pass through the ductwork. Based on the readings, they are able to make adjustments to individual burners in order to balance out the furnace as much as possible to minimize damage to the inside of the furnace.

This South Korean power company installation can be considered an example of “best practices” in applying flue gas analysis to optimize efficiency, while at the same time balancing the combustion within a large furnace in order to minimize slagging and tube damage from overheating. For additional pointers on the use of flue gas analysis, check out this Application Data Sheet.


March 6, 2014

Rosemount Analytical Presentations at Emerson Exchange Stuttgart Highlight Advances for Users in Oil and Gas, Power and Utilities, and Alternative Fuels

We’d like to tempt you with a trip to Stuttgart! You’re aware of the dynamic interaction of Emerson Exchange, and that this 2014 event for Europe, the Middle East and Africa will be held April 1-3, 2014 in Stuttgart, Germany, right? were you aware that the event features more than 130 presentations, mostly from users, on real life case histories from 25 countries and a wide range of industries. You’ll find many things of significance to you at Emerson Exchange, and if you register before March 7th, you save up to 200 Euro off the fee. (Of course, if you’re not lucky enough to go to this event, you can share in many of the findings through Emerson Exchange 365).

The 2014 Conference Presentation Tracks include: Operate Safely & Legally, Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Optimisation, Energy Management, Process Optimisation, Business Management & Information Security, Instrumentation Applications, Valve Applications, Wireless Applications, Project Excellence and Control System Applications & Migrations. The in-depth Industry Forums cover Chemical, Engineering, Life Sciences, Oil & Gas, Power, Refining and Petrochemical, while the “Meet the Experts” sessions give you the chance to ask questions specific to your operations and challenges. There’s even a networking event at the Porsche Museum.

When you attend, watch for these exciting sessions from Rosemount Analytical –

  • In-Line Analysis of LNG Improves Quality & Throughput
    By replacing lab measurements with in-line Gas Chromatographs, Lukoil has been able to improve process optimization. This, in turn, led to higher output and conformance with product quality requirements.
  • Instrumentation for Enhanced Fuel Flexibility of a 400 MW Natural Gas Fired Turbine with Ultra Low NOx Emissions
    ALSTOM is a provider of turn-key power generation solutions. The compact GT24 and GT26 sequential combustion gas turbines are developed to face current challenges in the power industry: shifting consumption trends, more stringent emission legislation and flexibility in fuel gas composition. In combined-cycle applications, the GT24/GT26 is capable of net plant efficiencies close to 60% with low NOx emissions across a wide load range. ALSTOM gas turbines are proven to operate reliably at high and rapidly changing C2+ concentrations. A key success factor is the validation and integration of a continuous, fast and accurate C2+ concentration measurement system into the engine protection and control concept.
  • Gas Chromatography Advantage in Cool Down & Gassing Up Operations for LNG Import/Export Terminals
    Reganosa LNG terminal is the leading terminal in Spain in gassing up and cooling down operations for LNG tankers since 2010 when this type of Services started to be systematically requested in the Spanish Gas System.The point of the operations remains in controlling the precise time the vessel is ready to advance in the operation phase from gassing up to cooling down and here a flexible Chromatography system is needed as BOG (Boil Off Gas) as LNG phases have to be surveyed continuously.

    Reganosa has used the available equipment for a standard LNG import terminal and with the support of Emerson adapted it for export activity, turning it into a unique tool to achieve our clients’ satisfaction.

We look forward to seeing you at Emerson Exchange and Emerson Exchange 365!