January 24, 2012

We Need Your Help

Folks, this is Jim Gray, and in this blog I want you to do the talking.

We are in the investigation mode for updating our intrinsically safe two wire analytical transmitter, and we would greatly appreciate your input. What features are important to you and your day-to-day operation?  Here are some areas you might consider:

  • What could be done with the local operator interface to make it easier to calibrate and configure the transmitter and access diagnostic messages?
  • How much information would be useful at the Local Operator Interface (LOI)?
  • How much do you rely on a hard copy manual?
  • Would it make it easier to have this information available using the LOI?
  • How could transmitter installation and sensor replacement be made easier?
  • What digital protocols are important?
  • Do you access transmitters using the device description or FDT/DTM?
  • Are there any features of these protocols that are not presently being implemented, that you feel are important, like control in the field in the case of FOUNDATION Fieldbus

Your thoughts on these or any other aspects of installing and maintaining analytical transmitters would be very much appreciated. If you include the rationale behind your ideas, it might help us find a novel solution to fulfilling your needs. It might also help you win a $100 Best Buy gift card for providing the best feedback!