October 11, 2011

Up Your Net Safety

Greetings AnalyticExpert community! My name is Geoff Wilson, product manager with Net Safety Monitoring. Net Safety has recently joined the Emerson team and we are very excited about contributing to AnalyticExpert.com discussions. With this first post I’m going to take the opportunity to give a little background on Net Safety and provide some Q&A relating to our products and capabilities.

Net Safety Monitoring is an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of fixed flame and gas detection as well as many specialized safety and security products designed for harsh, industrial environments. Our principle applications include all areas of the oil and gas market, mining and minerals, power generation, pulp and paper, and water and wastewater.

Net Safety’s state-of-the-art 38,000 square foot R&D laboratory and manufacturing facility is located in Calgary, Alberta — the heart of Canadian oil country, and home to some of the harshest environmental conditions in the world. We enforce strict quality standards and employ innovative engineering to ensure that all our products perform to the demands of the toughest industrial applications — all certified to global benchmarks for safety and performance.

Question: Where are Net Safety products typically installed?

Our safety instruments are all designed for Class 1 Division 1, explosion-proof environments — indoors or outdoors, onshore or offshore. Primarily Oil & Gas applications are where you will find Net Safety instruments, as well as Mining, Petrochemical, Aviation, Power Generation, and Chemical Processing to name a few. Do you have an application where you are having challenges with your existing gas and/or flame detection? Ask us a question!

Question: What is the primary advantage with Net Safety products?

Our customers come to us with many flame/gas detection challenges. These typically include overcoming environmental conditions, application performance issues, lowering maintenance and eliminating sensor faults. Net Safety instruments overcome these challenges by providing reliable, stable protection for plant and personnel in even the harshest conditions — with many unique and intuitive features that improve performance, simplify operation and reduce maintenance.

We have identified that low-power consumption and wide voltage ranges are often the most overlooked key components for safety instrument performance in many applications. Significant power-level and fluctuation issues occur in many of our end-user facilities. These can cause safety instrumentation with narrow voltage ranges and high-power requirements to fail or temporarily go offline. This is obviously a very serious safety issue among operators in which Net Safety instruments provide the most complete and effective solution. All Net Safety instruments have been engineered with the lowest power consumption requirements and the widest voltage ranges available in the market. This provides our customers with the most stable and reliable performance available, without compromising the latest technologies and advanced features. Our end-users also see significant energy cost savings over the life of the instrument. Multiply it by an entire plant installation and compare it against the other leading F&G detection manufacturers and the numbers will surprise you. Would you like more information about the advantages of our low power instrument solutions in your application? Ask us a question!

Question: How do you choose which technology suits a particular application?

Environmental and installation conditions will dictate which gas technology is best suited. On the environmental side, conditions like humidity and temperature are primary factors in determining which sensor technology to utilize; installation conditions are background gases, system design, and the area requiring coverage, to name a few. For flame, one of the most important factors is accurately determining the potential false alarm sources and selecting the appropriate technology, then setting delays and/or voting systems to effectively mitigate any false alarms.

Net Safety Monitoring is very excited to join the Emerson team and, of course, we welcome your questions and inquiries. Over the coming months you will see more contributions from the Net Safety team here on AnalyticExpert.com, and you’ll see our complete line available on the Emerson Process Management website. In the meantime please visit www.net-safety.com to learn more about all our advanced safety solutions.