April 28, 2010

Let’s Talk Wireless

Hi, my name is Jim Gray. I am the application manager at Rosemount Analytical in Irvine, California and now blogging about wireless for the Rosemount Analytical Group.


The purpose of this blog is to discuss the application of liquid and gas analyzers and systems. It will also serve to introduce new approaches to these applications made possible by new developments in analyzer hardware and software.  It is hoped that we can begin a conversation that will provide you with new insights that will make it possible to apply analyzers more effectively, reliably, and at a lower installed cost.  Because we cover a large range of topics, the blog will not always be written by the same person as we want to include experts to comment on their own subjects. You will get to know all of us over time. We want to hear from you with comments and suggestions on what you would like us to cover.

Words on a Wireless Trend

Rosemount Analytical Vice President, John Wright, has advised me that one of the first places industrial and municipal plants are putting wireless analytical technology to work is for remote effluent monitoring. Being able to put pH and conductivity analyzers into the “no man’s land” beyond the fence without the need for wiring is a huge boon. I agree and in addition, since the analyzers are based on WirelessHART™, they send back a full complement of diagnostics, meaning plant managers can schedule maintenance only when it’s needed while assuring they stay in compliance. It’s a trend worth considering.

Wireless Story about Cost Savings

John Wright also told us about a customer who had an emergency when they accidentally cut a bunch of analytical wires with a backhoe. They discovered they could replace the whole installation with wireless for less than the cost of replacing the wires that had been destroyed. Now that is cost effective.